City Hall in Kimberley

Kimberley bylaw officer busy with dog complaints

Three aggressive dog investigations

The Kimberley ByLaw officer continues to be very busy, and Council briefly discussed the possibility of adding a part time position to deal with the extra work at their regular meeting on Monday, November 9, 2020.

City CCO Maryse Leroux says that the biggest increase in complaints this year is in aggressive dogs.

“We have three attack investigations underway this month, and that is a lot of work for the bylaw officer,” she said.

However, Leroux also said that parking infractions are down, possibly because tickets have been handed out.

She says she has adjusted the work schedule of the bylaw officer somewhat so there can be some weekend service, and that any additional hours would have to be looked at from a budget perspective.

The October 2020 bylaw report dealt with eight incidents of dogs at large/off lease, two barking dons, three aggressive dogs, and four complaints about cats. Ther were also 16 incidents of garbage not stored correctly, 10 instances of material on boulevards and a number of other complaints on unlicensed or derelict vehicles, parking infractions and unsightly premises.

Council also passed the new Good Neighbour Bylaw on Monday evening which puts a number of bylaws dealing with nuisances, unsightly premises and more under one new bylaw, and adds some enforcement tools for the bylaw officer.

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