Laying rubber can get expensive

Kimberley RCMP nab driver who can't resist laying rubber

  • Feb. 29, 2016 4:00 p.m.

Succumbing to an urge to lay some rubber on Wallinger Avenue this past Saturday is going to cost a driver dearly.

In a press release, Cpl. Chris Newel of the Kimberley RCMP reports that police observed a truck, near the traffic light on Wallinger, in a cloud of smoke with squealing tires.

“The driver was making a right turn and left a trail of black rubber on the roadway,” Newel said.

Having drawn police attention, the driver headed off toward Meadowbrook on Highway 95A, and police activated their emergency equipment.

“The truck turned onto the snow covered Houle Forest Service Road, likely in an attempt to evade police,” Newel said. “The driver did eventually stop and told police he didn’t think they would follow him on the rutted rural road.

“Police detected an odor of alcohol and after a breath sample the driver was given a 24 hour driving prohibition.  He was also given a violation ticket for Drive without Reasonable Consideration and his truck has also been impounded for seven days.

“We often hear about poor driving behavior after the fact, but this time officers were right there, witnessed the offence and were able to deal with it.”