Another positive bit of news is that the gym club rebuild planning is underway, says Mayor Don McCormick. Paul Rodgers file

Another positive bit of news is that the gym club rebuild planning is underway, says Mayor Don McCormick. Paul Rodgers file

Lots of positive news to celebrate in Kimberley, Mayor McCormick says

Kimberley Mayor Don McCormick took to Facebook this week and his message was all about positivity.

Apparently yesterday (January 17, 2022) was ‘Blue Monday’, named for the hangover we feel when the bills from the holidays roll in. Most people I talked to through the holidays were feeling blue long before yesterday.

We are so used to negative news right now that it is hard to see the positive around us. It has been a long, hard couple of years. The two fires just before Christmas were like piling on. HOWEVER…

As we move into 2022 we have so much positive happening…we just need to start looking for and talking about those things:

• The arrest on the weekend and charges laid for the Gymnastics Club fire; some great work by our RCMP detachment;

• The rebuilding plans for the Gymnastics Center are underway; the Club and the City of Kimberley are navigating the insurance claims with re-build plans next up;

• The community is 90% vaxxed! Unless you are otherwise compromised, data is showing that the vaccinations reduce Omicron to flu status. While being careful remains important, being fearful is not.

• Assessment values for Kimberley are up an average of 18 per cent. This means homeowners’ net worth is up significantly, with no impact on taxes.

• We continue to be impacted by COVID less than most places in the province; thank you for taking care for such a long time;

• Despite the fire impacting KAR operations, skiing remains open thanks to an amazing response by KAR.

• Incredible snow conditions this year – the best in many years – are making for great ski experiences.

• The community has responded to lower visitation this winter by supporting our local businesses, salvaging much of a Christmas season that looked bleak the day after the fire.

• Accommodators and businesses are offering great deals.

• Our gigabit bandwidth enabled so many to work remotely without missing a business beat.

• Despite COVID, City staff completed an impressive number of projects in 2021.

• Did I mention our world class Nordic ski facilities?

There are many more things I could add. Feel free to add your positive experience!

We have so many reasons to feel positive about our community and ourselves. Let’s make 2022 a big year by staying positive and laughing a lot more!

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