Lucky loonie for Kimberley

Home towns of Paralympic athletes to receive commemorative coins from Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Ming has printed a 2014 Lucky Loonie to honour Canadian Paralympic athletes and intends to send a it in a commemorative frame to the hometown of each individual medalist.

That means the City of Kimberley will be receiving one of the special coins as the hometown of Paralympic gold and silver medalist Josh Dueck.

“Each hometown should be extremely proud of these achievements as they supported the athletes through years of dedication and training as they realized their dreams,” said Ian E. Bennett, President and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint.

Dueck touched base with the Bulletin before heading back to Canada from Sochi.

“Sometimes I wonder if this is a dream,” he said. “Or if this is really happening. My coaches and I came into Sochi with a plan and to see it come to fruition and simply exceed any expectations we had is the greatest feeling ever.  This is truly a celebration for everyone behind the scenes that allowed me to perform my best at the right time.  This is a celebration for all Canadians who are not afraid to dream the (im)possible.”