Mainroad’s Wednesday update

Highway contractor aiming to improve communication on conditions

  • Jan. 6, 2016 5:00 p.m.

Temperatures are currently in the -4C to -8C range with high cloud which will allow de-icing operations on main highways which is underway now.  Calcium Chloride brine and pre-wetted salt is in use.  This application will produce slushy conditions which will be plowed off as soon as the melting process has finished.  Expect slippery conditions with lots of spray during this period.


Tonight, we are expecting snow up to 4cm in all regions in the service area with temperatures dropping back down to -10C and below.  Motorists should be extra cautious during the period just before and after sundown as any moisture on the road could quickly re-freeze.  Make sure windshield reservoirs are full!  Mainroad units will be out during this period with pre-wetted sand.


Thursday will see flurries throughout with gusty winds in the Crowsnest and Elk Valley areas.  At this time, the forecast for the weekend is dry and cold.