Mark Creek flume rehab on budget; on schedule

Weekly updates on project progress coming to Kimberley City Council

Kimberley City Council received the first update on the progression of work on the Mark Creek flume rehab this week. Phase 2 of the rehab is now underway, and Don Schacher, the City’s project manager, reported that so far, it is on schedule and on budget.

“The Mark Creek Flume Phase 2 work is progressing well,” the report says. “There are some concerns with the AutoCAD (Civil 3-D) drawings with respect to design layout that are being addressed.

“Common excavation of granular material on the Project is underway. Sanitary sewer and water main projects are under construction. Site start up and safety concerns have been addressed: fencing, traffic plan, ETV and contact list.

“Regular communication and updates for residents in the area has been a priority.”

Mayor Don McCormick says that Council will receive weekly updates, rather than the monthly reports planned at first.

“A formal monthly report is not enough,” he said. “We want weekly updates so we can stay on top of it. The goal is to recognize variances before they become big variances.

“Once a month is not enough. It’s a short project, it will be over in three months.”

McCormick says he expects Copcan, the general contractor on the flume rehab, to be out of town by the end of October, and that is the end of the project.

“Next year, there will be landscaping and finishing work which will be done by city crews. I don’t know if they will get the foot bridges in before the end of the year either, but that is all work that will be done by city crews.”