The parking lot at Marysville Falls has been paved. City of Kimberley file

The parking lot at Marysville Falls has been paved. City of Kimberley file

Mayor McCormick provides update on development projects

A few weeks ago, Mayor Don McCormick took to social media to outline some of the progress made this summer with various development projects around Kimberley.

Watkins & Central. I get asked about this development more than any other. I understand, as there have been several starts and stops over the years. No news seems to be bad news. Well there is good news. The contract for preparing the surface for construction is underway – check out the progress. Activity has been going on in the background, and now this project is visibly moving forward!

Marysville Views. Prep is underway for paving of the roads in the final Phase 3. I am told by Kevin Amy that all by a couple of the lots are sold. After seeing the views in the Views I can understand why. Phase 2 construction has been non-stop.

Forest Crowne. Tyee is developing the 22 lots that are Phase 6, originally started by United Anthem. I am told that Tyee is close to selling out as well. Amazing views here too. Pavement went down last week.

Marysville Falls. The parking area at Marysville Falls in finally paved. What a difference. This is one of our busiest visitor attractions. The paving ties in Echo Park and a public toilet has been installed at the far end of the road.

Marysville commercial. The sidewalk and pavement beside Creekside Physio are the first of several upgrades planned for the commercial area in Marysville, thanks to a revitalization grant from Columbia Basin Trust.

In a separate post, the mayor also clarified that although the Kimberley Community Development Society was indeed winding down, the two remaining assets, the ice cream hut and Cominco Gardens, would remain under city ownership and operate business as usual.

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