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Mayor McCormick updates Council on transportation issues in Kimberley

Having received a letter from a resident concerned about what she called the lack of action/communication regarding the loss of Kimberley’s only cab business, Mayor Don McCormick updated council on what was happening.

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The letter-writer, who is a server a local business, pointed out that she carries personal liability if someone drives home drunk after she serves them.

Just after the election in October, McCormick had visited with the Minister of Transportation in Victoria and the lack of transportation service in Kimberley was part of the conversation.

However, McCormick was able to provide one update — someone is applying for a taxi license.

“It’s sitting in front of the licensing folks,” he said. “It’s a matter of working through the process.”

He says the proponent will likely get his license, but will then face the same challenges that L&K Taxi did, trying to make a profit with prices rising.

He also pointed out that the city does already spend $300,000 supporting BC Transit.

Taxi companies are a private business, he said, and all the city can do is try to create an environment where small business can be a success.

As for ride share, it’s more complicated than people may think.

“Everyone thinks you just put a car in place, advertise on Facebook,” McCormick said.

In fact, ride share is a highly regulated by the province, he said.

“Everything that applies to the taxi business, applies to ride share.”

There are currently eight license for ride share in the East Kootenay, McCormick said, but thus far they have not chosen to execute those licenses.

“They are app companies,” he said. “They provide the app to allow cars to operated.

Ride share is not an easy thing for a city Kimberley’s size, he said.

“There are lots of complicated issues,” he said.

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