Roxanne McIntosh is seeking your vote for school trustee SD6. Submitted

Roxanne McIntosh is seeking your vote for school trustee SD6. Submitted

Meet school trustee candidate Roxanne McIntosh

Hi, my name is Roxanne McIntosh, and I am running for school trustee in SD6. I was born and raised in Kimberley and my career background is a teacher.

Here are the reasons I am running for trustee and what I hope to accomplish:

As an educator I would like to continue in the field of education by transitioning into a role where I can apply my teaching experiences, as a school trustee. I have taught for over 20 years and have resettled back into Kimberley so that my son has a positive outdoor learning experience that Kimberley has to offer.

I believe that students succeed when they feel safe, included and have a voice in their learning process. As a trustee I would continue with the mandates already set up with inclusion and equal opportunities for all students which will aid in their well -being of feeling safe and having a voice. As an educator I am passionate that students become life-long learners as they understand that learning takes place everywhere and that not everyone learns the same way or at the same time. Successes were different for each student.

As a trustee it is important in having open communication with the school and community as their voices are necessary in providing comments and queries to help our children succeed. I would be a good trustee that welcomes input from all factions; students, administration, staff so that working together cohesively for the success of all the students.

Election 2022