Nepal fund-raiser this Sunday in Kimberley

See a slide show by Pat and Baiba Morrow, talk to locals who were on the ground in Nepal at the time of the quake

It’s being called a gesture of solidarity from one mountain community to those mountain communities in Nepal so drastically affected by the quake 12 days ago.

After Nepal’s devastating earthquake, more than 7500 have been confirmed dead, with thousands more expected, tens of thousands have been injured and have lost their homes, and infrastructure throughout the country, from roads to airports, water lines and more has been decimated. They have a long road to recovery.

This Sunday, May 10 (7 p.m. Centennial Hall) a fund-raiser has been organized by local people who were in Nepal at the time of the earthquake and those who are intimately familiar with the country.

Pat and Baiba Morrow, Robyn Duncan, Jim Campbell, Annie Coulter and Shauna Jimenez are coordinating this fund-raiser and will be present to answer questions after the Morrow’s slide show on Nepal.

“Pat and Baiba Morrow have a deep connection to Nepal,” said Jimenez. “They will present “Heart of the Himalaya” a visual representation of the people and landscape of the Himalaya. Pat and Baiba’s films and photos have won many awards.”

Pat Morrow has also climbed Everest and made the summit.

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In addition, there will be a discussion afterwards with four locals who were in Nepal at the time of the earthquake. Join Jim Campbell and Anni Coulter, Kara Brissette and Robyn Duncan to hear their first-hand experiences during and after the earthquake.

“Sunday is Mother’s Day. Mount Everest is known as Chomolungma in Nepal – Goddess Mother of the World,” Jimenez said. “So, bring your mom, your Grandma, your sister — we will have goodies! Come and celebrate by helping to nurture Nepal back to stand on her feet.”

All funds raised will be directed to grassroots organizations ensuring these funds get directly to the people in Langtang, Tsum and Manaslu areas.  These areas have received very little if any aid to date, and were tragically destroyed by the quake, Jimenez says.

Admission is by donation.

Fund-raiser organizers gratefully acknowledge the City of Kimberley for providing the use of Centennial Hall for the event.