New bridge installed on Mark Creek

Pedestrian bridge replaces vehicle bridge on St. Mary Avenue

Installation of the new bridge began last week.

Installation of the new bridge began last week.

The decision to remove the vehicle bridge over Mark Creek on St. Mary Avenue and replace it with a footbridge was not without controversy. Residents of Beale and Leadenhall and members of the Kimberley Food Bank protested, saying exiting all vehicle traffic out of Leadenhall would be a problem.

However, the City explained that because the flume would be much wider in that spot than it had been, putting in a new vehicle bridge would be prohibitively expensive and the plans for the footbridge went ahead.

Late last week installation of the timber-frame bridge, built by Tyee Log Homes, began and it is attracting a great deal of attention.

City Councillor Darryl Oakley told Council this week that he had some calls from people concerned that the new bridge must be very expensive.

Oakley said he wants Kimberley residents to know that not only was the bridge built with the help of a grant but that Tyee went out of their way to produce such a beautiful bridge.

“It was a grant we were lucky to get but it’s also Tyee being a  wonderful community partner and going beyond specs.”

City funds were also used for the bridge, added Mayor Ron McRae.

The total cost is $143,888 with $50,000 of that covered by the grant from the Canada Enabling Accessibility Fund.

There are plans for two more pedestrian bridges in the future.