New days at the Kimberley Bulletin

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The Kimberley Bulletin and Cranbrook Townsman are proud to be a part of our communities. Above

The Kimberley Bulletin and Cranbrook Townsman are proud to be a part of our communities. Above

As many of our valued readers and advertising clients are already aware, there is change coming to the Kimberley Bulletin.

Beginning next week, the Kimberley Bulletin will arrive on your doorstep three days a week — Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

The Cranbrook Daily Townsman will also be going to three days a week and the Kootenay Advertiser will publish once a week, on Thursdays. All three publications are owned by Black Press.

You’ll still be able to find daily news updates as they happen at and

“We met with many of our customers before making the decision to change our publishing days.” said Mary Kemmis, president of the East Kootenay and Alberta divisions of Black Press.  “In every instance I was gratified to hear their willingness to work with us to develop a distribution model that would reduce newsprint costs while continuing to give our readers and customers the high-quality, locally-focussed newspapers they’ve come to expect. The very strong and loyal reader and advertiser support that the The Kimberley Bulletin and Cranbrook Townsman enjoy is a tribute to the work our team has done to ensure we are an integral part of the fabric of the communities we serve.”

“I’m very excited about the changes we are making in this market,” said Zena Williams, the current publisher of the Kootenay Advertiser, who will also be taking over as Townsman/Bulletin publisher at the end of April.

“Our advertisers will be able to utilize the best of what a free distribution and a paid subscription newspaper has to offer. Our readers of both our free and paid papers have supported us every step of the way and continue to through daily interactions such as letters to the editor, press releases, photo submissions etc. There’s a bright future ahead for these newspapers and I’m looking forward to working with the staff at all three offices. Our new print and digital footprint ensures we will remain a strong source for community news.

“I have enjoyed working and learning about the Townsman and Bulletin from (retiring publisher) Karen Johnston. I congratulate her and wish her all the best in her future endeavours.”

For subscribers, you will still receive the same number of issues you paid for. Subscriptions are tracked in issue numbers not expiry dates, so all expiry dates will be extended. Please do not hesitate to call the Bulletin circulation office at 250-426-5201 should you have any questions or concerns.