New festival proposed for Kimberley

The Revolver banner will cover any events celebrating being on wheels

A fest celebrating everything on wheels.

A fest celebrating everything on wheels.

Kimberley’s new festival and events consultant Kevin Shepit has been busy since he began his new position, talking to locals, brainstorming, coming up with new ideas.

And it appears he has something — a new festival, or rather a brand for a festival that will incorporate a number of events. That brand is Revolver.

The Revolver series ‘revolves’ around anything that is on wheels, or even spins.

“The idea was presented to myself from a client who wanted to see a bike festival happen in town,” Shepit said. “Being a part of numerous fat tire festivals across North America over the years, this concept was of great interest to see move forward, knowing the positive benefits these festivals have on communities.

“We took the idea one step further to involve all demographics on wheels, and include music and art, hence Revolver.

“We have the roller derby girls, long boarding was virtually born right here. This is where Revolver comes up — anything that revolves, you could even a DJ contest — spinning records. It’s all about the thrill of the ride.”

It is not Shepit’s role to create the festival himself. His role is to bring together groups that would be interested in guiding an event that would be part of the Revolver series.

Revolver series is seeking entrepreneurial minded individuals, organizations and groups who would like the opportunity to help Revolver happen for August 2014.

Shepit would like to see it start with a bang  next summer and he is looking for more ideas.

“If you have an event idea you would like to bring to the table for Revolver, please do. We are keen to see your idea turn into an opportunity.

“Several opportunities are already well into the draft planning stages and are seeking coordinators and leaders to execute these events.  Financial benefits do exist when producing events.  Some of these concepts include, Deuce-Deuce – a twenty two hour mountain bike race, a concert series, a Criterium race, Skate Jams, Dirt Jams, Longboarding Series, and much more.”

Prototype events for 2013 are in the works, so make sure to log onto and like our facebook page as well to keep in the loop.

“If you can see yourself being part of Revolver, please contact us at”