No major incidents at JulyFest: RCMP

Police keep the peace as Kimberley partied it up over the weekend for the annual JulyFest celebrations.

  • Jul. 20, 2015 8:00 a.m.

The Kimberley RCMP report no major incidents over the weekend related to Julyfest.   Huge crowds mixed with alcohol can often cause some major headaches for police (no pun intended) but that was not the case at Julyfest.

Over the weekend RCMP maintained a strong visual presence to ensure things did not get out of hand and everybody had a safe and enjoyable time.  Inside the venue police dealt with very few issues, a fight did break out Friday night, but officers and security quickly brought that under control.  At this time no charges are being considered.   Three persons intoxicated persons each night were arrested and held.  Although police kept an eye out for heavily intoxicated persons it was often other actions compounded with intoxication that lead to their arrest.

Outside the venue police dealt with a number of persons who did not respect the liquor laws and either poured out the alcohol or received a fine of $230.  Three impaired drivers were removed from the road and a number of drug seizures were made.   Numerous road checks were conducted at various locations throughout the city over the weekend and police noted a large number of designated drivers. There was some violation tickets and warnings issued.

Police received a large number of noise complaints on both Friday and Saturday night after the events closed down for the night.  Most were cooperative with police but its unfortunate that they were not more respectful of their neighbors.  One house on Rotary Drive had a DJ playing music well into the early hours. Police warned the home owner a couple of times before it the music was turned down to a respectable level.   Medical attention was required for one person who ingested an unknown substance.

Early Saturday morning police were called to an injury crash near White Swan Lake in which alcohol was a factor.  Unfortunately this incident prevented police from participating in the Julyfest Parade.

Police received a large number of compliments and thanks for the job they did over the weekend.  Most people were very appreciative of our presence.  Out of town officers commented on the friendliness of the persons they dealt with and enjoyed working in Kimberley.

Police would like to thank all the participants for their support over the weekend.