One permit only for backyard fire pits

One permit only for backyard fire pits

Currently you must reapply each year; not worth the staff time, Fire Chief says

Residents will only need to apply for a barbecue pit permit once, rather than annually, if a change to Kimberley’s Open Burning Bylaw passes.

Kimberley Fire Chief Rick Prasad presented first, second and third readings of the bylaw change to Council on Monday, stating that the current bylaw requires excessive staff time to renew annual barbecue pit permits.

There are currently 235 permitted back yard barbecue pits that need to be renewed each year. The proposed bylaw imposes a one-time fee ($50) paid by homeowners for the inspection and approval of an open burning appliance and for other burning permits.

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Prasad says that the annual permits require too much staff time. He adds that the new bylaw would see the parameters for the pits relax a bit, but overall it’s “not a huge change”.

When asked if the department would be dropping in to ensure barbecue pits remain within parameters, Prasad says at this point they will only visit permit holders in on a complaint basis.

Financially, Prasad says, this will see a reduction in staff time and cost recapture for inspection.

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