Park pics, please

Nature Park Society wants pictures of people at play in park

The Nature Park Society is looking to add to its collection of Park photos.

The Nature Park Society is looking to add to its collection of Park photos.

The Kimberley Nature Park Society last produced a trail guide in 2009, and those have just about run out. It’s time to produce another map the KNPS would like those who enjoy the park to give them a hand.

“Things have changed in the Park,” said Society member Kent Goodwin. “We have new trails, revised trails and we want to catch those, and other small changes, in a new trail guide. We’d like to refresh it with new pictures too.”

To get those pictures, the KNPS will turn to those who recreate in the park.

“We want the photos to be from the Nature Park or Horsebarn Valley. Even if it’s a picture of a flower, we want it to be from the Park. We want to be honest about what the park is,” Goodwin said.

The new trail guide will feature pictures of special areas, flora and fauna, and hopefully include a lot of photos of people enjoying themselves in the Park — hiking, biking, walking their dogs.

Quite a number of photos are required, as in addition to being a trail map, the back of the guide has all kinds of information about the Park, its features and special places.

And a new cover photo is being sought as well.

“We will be changing the cover photo. The current guide has a picture of a hiker on Sunflower Hill. This time we’d like a forested photo, because most of the Park is forest. People, maybe a family, maybe with a dog because the Park is an off-leash area for dogs.”

Those with photos they’d like to send in are asked to send them to

High resolution photos will be required for printing, but if you are sending several, you can send smaller examples.

“The understanding is that we get to use them,” Goodwin said. “We can’t use every one, but we thank everyone for sending them in.”