Please conserve water

City of Kimberley urges conservation as drought continues

The City of Kimberley is cutting back watering of public parks.

The City of Kimberley is cutting back watering of public parks.

Levels in the reservoir behind the Mark Creek Dam have dropped again as drought conditions continue in the East Kootenay.

While the City of Kimberley will not be tightening the mandatory even/odd days watering restrictions currently in place, they are going to scale back on their own water use.

It was announced this week that watering of city parks is being scaled back, effective immediately. The Platzl water fountain will only be on daily from noon to 5 p.m.

Residents are asked to think about their own water use and how much they really need. Every little bit saved helps, is the message from the City of Kimberley.

Meanwhile in Cranbrook, water restrictions have stepped up. The water level in Phillips Reservoir, where the City draws its water, continues to drop and not enough rainfall has been received in the watershed this summer to replenish the water being taken out. Cranbrook residents will now water only twice a week.

Even numbered properties in Cranbrook can water on Thursdays and Sundays while odd numbered properties can water on Tuesdays and Saturdays. No one waters on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays until further notice.

The Province recently upgraded the East Kootenay to a Level 3 Drought and forecasts low water levels and supply shortages for the remainder of 2015 in the East Kootenay.

To learn more about conserving water please see the City of Kimberley website at or contact the WaterSmart Ambassador at