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PODCAST: Who you gonna call? B.C. Ghostbusters!

TODAY IN B.C.: Super Fan Group makes appearances for charity donations

Host Peter McCully chats with Sean Jamieson, a mild-mannered Financial Planner during the week and B.C. Ghostbuster Super Fan on the weekends.

Jamieson got started in the group when his wife hired the group to join them for his birthday, after attending a movie at a local theatre.

‘They kidnapped me at the end of the movie, put me in a jumpsuit, and put me in the Ecto One, and took me out into the public to do some Ghost Busting. We ended up at a mall in Langley. Where we couldn’t take two steps without everybody coming up wanting to take pictures.’

The B.C. Ghostbusters are not unique fan group, there are hundreds of groups around the world, says Jamieson.

‘There are multiple chapters in many provinces and many states, I don’t think every province has a chapter registered yet, but there’s certainly Ghostbusters in every province and hundreds of chapters across the U.S. and around the world. There are some countries that have really taken this by storm. Singapore, for example, has thousands of members in their Ghostbusters chapters, and they all showed out in force. Back when the 2016 Ghostbusters movie came out, they showed up at the premiere all in costume.’

The B.C. Ghostbusters make appearances at various events and have been known to make appearances at children’s birthday parties.

‘Last year we were asked to come out and do an appearance at a five-year old’s birthday party,’ says Jamieson. ‘It was outdoors in a park. When we showed up at the park, the area where the picnic was being set up for the party was already all decorated. And everything was Ghostbusters. The tablecloth was Ghostbusters. The streamers in the trees were Ghostbusters. there was flags everywhere. Ghostbusters, this little boy was full Ghostbuster’s jumpsuit wearing his proton pack already. This guy’s five. This movie came out in 1984 and this guy knows all the lines and he’s five! He was so excited to see us.’

B.C. Ghostbuster appearances are for charity donations to S.P.C.A., B.C. Cancer Society and B.C. Children’s Hospital.

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