Police hope for a fun, safe JulyFest

JulyFest does not mean Kimberley RCMP turn a blind eye

  • Jul. 16, 2015 9:00 a.m.

Chris Newel

For the Bulletin

The Kimberley RCMP is gearing up the very busy, but fun, Julyfest weekend. Traditionally even though Julyfest sees a large influx of people in town for the weekend police say participants for the most part are well behaved and are out for the fun.

The Kimberley Detachment brings in extra officers in for the weekend to maintain a strong visual presence and deal with issues before they get out of control. In addition Southeast District Traffic Services will be conducting road checks and roving patrols throughout the weekend. General Duty officers will be doing foot and bike patrols in and around the venue.

The biggest issue police face is persons consuming alcohol on public property outside of the designated areas.  Police ask you restrict your drinking to the established liquor serving areas and businesses or private property.  Those consuming alcohol in public are subject to a $230 fine.

Police also ask that persons obey the noise bylaws.  People tend to congregate at homes after the events turn up the music and become somewhat louder than they normally would be.  Remember and respect your neighbors who may have to be up and playing at 8 a.m.



In the past out of town participants have camped on private property along Knighton Road, behind the Rotary Drive houses.  This is private property and it does not have the appropriate facilities, the owner has requested persons do not camp there.  No Trespassing Signs have been erected as a reminder.

In the past police have been pleased with the attitude and behavior of the majority of people. A few expressed their displeasure in having to obey the law, but Julyfest does not mean police turn a blind eye.