Policing priorities for Kimberley

Councillor thinks Highway 95A between Kimberley and Cranbrook needs more attention

Each year the Kimberley RCMP detachment, in consultation with community stakeholders, selects policing priorities.

This year’s priorities, based on the Provincial Policing Priorities are Crime Reduction, Organized Crime, Family Violence, Road Safety, and First Nations.

Cpl. Chris Newel, Acting Kimberley Detachment Commander, visited City Council last week to seek guidance on this year’s priorities.

Council generally agreed with the priorities, though it was noted that there were few First Nations issues in Kimberley.

However, there was a suggestion around road safety.

Councillor Nigel Kitto said he was concerned with little police presence at peak traffic hours on the very busy Kimberley Cranbrook corridor of Highway 95A.

Newel explained that the corridor was under the auspices of the East Kootenay Traffic Unit.

However, “I don’t believe we are getting the service on that corridor we should,” Newel said.

Newel is still seeking input on 2015/2016 priorities though he said, unless there are local unique issues, the local police priorities should align with these provincial priorities.