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Potential new development passes first stage of rezoning

Land proposed for rezoning is behind Summer Sub

Kimberley City Council voted to go ahead with beginning to rezone a property to R2 to allow for a potential housing development.

The property, named Headwaters at Kimberley Creek, is located on a bench above Morrison Sub, behind the Summer Subdivision, above Meadowbrook Motors on Highway 95A. It is owned by longtime Kimberley residents Bob and Bobbie Siefried. The couple has owned the 28 hectare property since 1988 when they bought it from Cominco.

The property’s existing zoning is a mixture of R-2 and RR-60, which is a remnant zone from when the property was part of the regional district. It was incorporated into Kimberley city limits in 2009.

Speaking to council for the proponents was Jean Terpsma, who said that the development would provide additional housing options for Kimberley’s tight market.

You can view the plans for the development here.

She also said that the proposed zoning bylaw amendments currently underway would fit well with the development. Council did in fact adopt the bylaw amendments later in the meeting.

Kimberley Council approves third reading on zoning amendments

One councillor, Kent Goodwin, voted against proceeding with rezoning.

“My thought was that the 2009 boundary expansion was a bad idea,” he said. Goodwin’s worry is the the cost of providing services such as snow ploughing, garbage and more to a development on the edge of the city would cost more than the development could provide in tax revenue.

However, Coun. Kyle Dalum said costs couldn’t really be known until the process got started.

Coun. Jason McBain agreed. “We do have a housing problem. Yes there are other areas in Kimberley under development, but I’d like to see the potential before we pump the brakes.”

Coun. Sandra Roberts said that seeing as the property was going to remain in city limits, rezoning it couldn’t hurt.

“We live in a town three miles long and three blocks wide,” she said. “We are looking for space. I’m not sure I agree services would be more expensive than taxes.”

“This is a local family who hold Kimberley near and dear to their hearts,” said Coun. Nigel Kitto. “A local landowner is a good thing for Kimberley.”

Mayor Don McCormick said the city has a process in place for developing private property, and the process allows the city to negotiate with developers for the best fit possible for Kimberley.

“It would be a disservice if we did not follow that process,” he said.

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