Since Dec. 23, 2021, the province, and the city of Kimberley, will require proof of vaccination at the Aquatic Centre. Bulletin file.

Since Dec. 23, 2021, the province, and the city of Kimberley, will require proof of vaccination at the Aquatic Centre. Bulletin file.

Proof of vaccination now required at Aquatic Centre per provincial health order

City manager of recreation updates council on facility requirements

Kimberley’s manager of parks and facilities Nicole Halasz paid a visit to council this week to update the changes that have been made to different city facilities in order to follow the latest provincial health orders.

Before Christmas, there had been some discussion among citizens and council about why the aquatic centre did not require proof of vaccination for entry. At that time, the city was following provincial health guidelines, as they have all through the pandemic, which did not require proof of vaccination for aquatic centres.

However, that changed on December 23, 2021, and new guidelines were released.

They are:

Aquatic Centre:

• As of December 23rd, 2021 aquatic facilities now require proof of vaccination to participate in programming. All those 22 years of age and older are required to provide proof of vaccination along with photo identification when arriving.

• All activities that take place in swimming pools are allowed. For example, aqua fit, lane swim and group classes.

• Masking is required while entering/ exiting facility and while in change rooms.

• 50% capacity is in force (80 in Lap pool, 60 in Leisure pool, 10 in Hot tub).

Halasz says she can’t find a reason why the province decided to change and require vaccination for entry into pools but she suspects they wanted to streamline all recreation facilities under one umbrella.

She also said that the half capacity numbers work just fine, as since reopening in July of 2021, they had not reached those numbers in any of the pools.

There have been no real changes at the Civic Centre since October when it was announced that proof of vaccination would be required.

Civic Centre regulations are as follows:

• Proof of vaccination is required for walking track participants 22 years and older.

• Masks to be worn while on the walking track.

• Proof of Vaccination is required for all those 22 years and older to participate in ice related activities until on the ice surface (field of play).

• Non-employee supervisors, coaches and assistants of indoor sports and group activities for people 21 years and younger must be fully vaccinated.

• Sport tournaments are not currently allowed. Tournaments are single or multi-day events where 3 or more teams compete against each other outside of their regular league play.

This restriction does not include:

• A gathering where team members compete individually against each other (KIJHL play).

• A gathering where the result will decide if a team will advance to play in a national or international competition.

Other sport activities that normally take place in a sport environment can continue, including:

• participating in an adult indoor sport or recreation program as long as it does not exceed 50% occupancy of the space

• Participating or competing in individual sports such as skating.

• Competing în regular league play for individual or team sports

Halasz says that eliminating tournaments has had an effect on the Marysville Arena. The arena is primarily used as a secondary rink for tournaments, and with those cancelled, very little is happening at the Marysville arena right now.

She said that city recreation staff appreciate everyone’s patience as they try to manage a situation that is so fluid, with so many moving parts.

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