Provincial government adds new local government auditor

Plenty of mechanisms already in place for accountability, Mayor says

Premier Christy Clark announced the province’s new auditor general for local governments on Wednesday. The auditor will look into municipal spending.

The AGLG was suggested to the province by business groups to provide recommendations on how to find efficiencies and improve the effectiveness of operations.

Kimberley Mayor Ron McRae said that the position has been evolving over the last year or so.

“It’s a new department within the government to provide services to municipalities so they can explore ways to become more efficient,” McRae said.

However, the mayor went on to say that municipalities have been working on that for years and have plenty of mechanisms in place to be responsive to taxpayers.

“Quite honestly, it’s really politically charged. To me it’s redundant. We already are accountable in terms of elections and in citizens ability to access Council and staff if they have questions. We have our annual Town Hall meeting on the  financial plan. There are plenty of mechanisms in place holding us accountable.”