Provincial Mine Rescue competition in Kimberley

Kimberley will host the provincial competition again next year

Over 400 people were in Kimberley for the Provincial Mine Rescue competition last Saturday.

Over 400 people were in Kimberley for the Provincial Mine Rescue competition last Saturday.

It was quite a show in Coronation Park last Saturday, June 4 as the Provincial Mine Rescue competition was held. Flames were shooting from some of the underground scenarios set up in the park and large crowds gathered to watch it all.

Alan Day from the Ministry of Energy and Mines says it all went very well.

“I am very proud of Kimberley and all the support that was given to this event.  There were in the neighborhood of 400 people that came into town for this event,” Day said. “I heard very positive things from many of them. They couldn’t get over what a scenic location we are in. The Kimberley Conference and Athlete Training Centre also impressed the crowd. The venue was great and the service was top notch.”

Day said the competition received a lot of support from the Overwaitea Food group as well as generous donation from Dan Jarret of Mark Creek Market.

Kimberley even had a team in the competition despite not having an operating mine any more, Day said.

“The Sullivan Mine team  was a group of skilled mine rescuers that all reside in the area  and came-together to form a very professional team. Kevin Redding was a very big part of making a lot of this happen. Dana Haggar, Teck Manager of Dormant properties, also played a very large part in providing additional support for the team and the Ministry of Mines competition coordinators.”

And the winners of the 2016 Provincial Mine Rescue competition are:

Underground Mine Rescue winners list:

·        Best Bench Tech: David Heathfield, Sullivan Mine

·        Sullivan Mine Best U/G Coordinator (USWA Mine Mill Trophy): New Afton Mine

·        Best Written Score (Richard Booth Award): New Afton

·        Best UG First Aid (Sullivan Cup): New Afton

·        Best UG Practical Skills (Barry Abbott Memorial): Sullivan Mine

·        Best UG Performance in Smoke: Sullivan Mine

·        Best Obstacle and Recovery (Keith Bracewell Memorial): New Afton

·        Best UG Fire Task : New Afton

·        Best Over-all UG Mine Rescue Trophy: New Afton

3 person First Aid

Winner – Greenhills TECK operation

Kathy Lofstrom Memorial Trophy (Best Coach 3 person First aid) – Amanda Cunliffe (Greenhills)

Surface Mine Rescue

Ron Brow Memorial Award (Best Extrication/Surface Team) – Elkview (TECK) Operation

Maurice Boise Memorial Trophy (Best Bench for Surface Team) – Elkview (TECK) Operation

Levitt Fire Trophy – Greenhills (TECK) Operation

EKMISA Best Surface Team Written – Elkview (Teck) Operation

HVC Highest Non-Aggregate Points Trophy – Greenhills (TECK) Operation

Overall Surface Mine Rescue (WINNER) – Greenhills (TECK) Operation