See incredible imagery like this at Radical Reels.

See incredible imagery like this at Radical Reels.

Radical Reels comes to town

September 9 at the Kimberley Conference and Athlete Training Centre

It’s one of the year’s most sought after tickets for adventure lovers and it’s coming up on September 9 at the Kimberley Conference and Athlete Training Centre.

It’s the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival Radical Reels night ­—  ­a presentation of the best high-adrenaline films entered into the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival competition. This selection of films selected from the renowned Banff Film Fest tours every year and has since 2004. It focuses on the high-adrenaline sports of  skiing, climbing, kayaking, BASE jumping, snowboarding and mountain biking, and new sports such as snow-kiting and speed-riding. These activities continue to be included on the World Tour, but the Radical Reels Tour is intended for audiences who prefer screenings that include just action sports films.

You will have an opportunity to experience more than half a dozen action sports as seen through the eyes of some of today’s top athletes and most talented adventure sport filmmakers.

The lineup this year is:

ARRIVAL – 15 mins – Biking

Featuring the talents of the next wave of mountain bike riders and photographers, Arrival showcases diverse styles, new lines and new places.

BE THE TRAIL – 5 mins – Biking

A mountain biker has a radical vision. No longer can he just ride the trail – he must become the trail.

BEYOND THE DROP – 7 mins – Kayaking

Six pro kayakers from around the world connect in the rainforests of Southern Mexico to explore the impossibly blue water of the Agua Azul. When it comes to running waterfalls, there’s a lot more to it than just the drop.

DREAM LINES IV – 6 mins – Aerial

Some of the world’s top wingsuit flyers take on wild new lines in France and Switzerland.

GHOST TOWN – 6 mins – Skiing

In the mid 1800’s, BC’s mountain towns boomed as prospectors flocked north during the great gold rush. Josh Daiek, Mike Henitiuk & Kieran Nikula arrive 150 years later in search of their own fortune.


What do you get when you invite the best female freestyle skiers and provide them with a 24-metre floating kicker in the shape of a castle to play with? The best-ever Nine Queens throwing down insane tricks, including things never done by girls before.

OFF_WIDTH OUTLAW – 5 mins – Climbing

Meet Pamela Shanti Pack. Tough as nails, she’s the meanest crack climbing thug you’ve ever met. Just don’t ask her to climb slab.

OUTLINES – 4 mins – Aerial

World Wingsuit Champion Espen Fadnes on the future of wingsuiting and his transition to life as a professional extreme sports athlete.

THE SENSEI (REEL ROCK 8) – 26 mins – Climbing

East meets West and old meets new. Twenty-something world class boulderer, Daniel Woods, and 43-year old climbing veteran, Yuji Hirayam, team up for the expedition of a lifetime. But when Daniel-san travels to Japan to prove himself worthy of Hirayama’s mentorship, the question becomes, who learns from whom?

SUPERVENTION – 16 mins – Skiing

World-class skiers share their delight and uncertainty as they tackle big mountains and gnarly rail slides in spectacular Norwegian locations..

WALLED IN – 20 mins – Kayaking

Why does Ben Stookesberry always pick the sketchiest lines on a river? This time, he’s asking himself the same question as he and his cohorts push an exposed portage line down into the heart of a gorge. Is a kayak the way out or just a bad idea?

Hosted by The Kimberley Conference & Athlete Training Centre the Radical Reels Tour screens on Tuesday September 9 at the Conference Centre. For tickets and information: