Remembrance Day in Kimberley

Remembrance Day in Kimberley

Kimberley’s Remembrance Day ceremony at the new Kimberley Veteran Memorial Park

Much of the community came out for a Remembrance Day Service at the new Kimberley Veteran Memorial Park this past Saturday. Military Ames organized the event which included a parade, music, poetry readings, prayer and more in honour of those who have served for our country and freedom.

Cindy Postnikoff of Military Ames says the ceremony was “amazing”.

“It was a really good day,” said Postnikoff. “It was moving, there were lots of people in tears.”

A flag was placed at the bottom of the Cenotaph in honour of 24 different soldiers from Kimberley and district who fought in WWI, WWII and Korea: D.C. Adler, W.R. Adler, C. Alton, L.L. Armour, L.J. Baribeau, G.W. Lindsay, D.H. Manson, A. Ordway, M. Patrick, R.J. Price, G.W. Bradford, A.R. Bonner, N.W. Burdett, D.R. Gill, G.J. Greenland, J.D. Rice, S.E. Ruault, S. Soderholm, R.M. West, H.B. Gunnarsen, J.H. Hall, G.F. Higgins, W.H. Keays and G. Levesque.

Charlie Park lowered and raised the flag on the old Kimberley Cenotaph on Nov. 11, 2012, two weeks before he died at the age of 81. In honour of Charlie’s service, Military Ames presented the flag from the old Cenotaph to Charlie’s widow, Mary Parks.