Road checks lead to prohibitions, impoundment

Police take to the rural area for road checks watching for impaired drivers, seatbelt use

Police and road checks are not just found in town, and as the weather warms and more people head to lakes and parks to recreate, RCMP will head out as well.

Last weekend, Kimberley RCMP and East Kootenay Traffic Services held a number of rural road checks in Ta Ta Creek, Meadowbrook and White Swan, reports Kimberley RCMP Cpl. Chris Newel.

The checks focused on Impaired Driving and seatbelt compliance.

In many cases, the checks come as a result of concerns raised by rural residents or other area users, Newel says.

At one check near Ta Ta Creek, on the evening of May 31, an East Kootenay Traffic Services officer noticed a strong odor of marijuana in a woman’s vehicle.

“He determined through a series of tests she was impaired by a drug and was served a Driving Prohibition.,” Newel said. “In addition there was open alcohol in the vehicle and a small quantity of marijuana was seized.”

Later that night, officers clocked a speeder on Highway 95A south of Marysville doing over 165 kph in a 100 zone.

“The driver was issued a Violation Ticket for Excessive Speed and his vehicle impounded for seven days,” Newel said. “Although there was minimal traffic this speed is totally unacceptable, had wildlife darted out onto the road, the results likely would have been tragic.”