Sale raises $10,000 for Kimberley Food Bank

Record setting customer numbers, donations and sales mark good day for Food Bank

It was a record setting year for the Kimberley Helping Hands Food Bank at their annual garage sale.

Food Bank director Stan Salikin reports record crowds, a record amount of donated goods, and most importantly, a record amount of money raised.

This year’s total far surpassed previous years, with the 2013 Garage Sale bringing in $10,752, the Food Booth $642, and raffle tickets sold at the garage sale brining in  $500 for a grand total of $11,894.

Salikin says huge crowds of customers were waiting for the doors to open last Saturday morning, larger than any other year.

“The curling rink was full of high quality, good quality and some not so good merchandise for the customers to purchase,” Salikin said. “It appeared as though there was record setting amounts of donated goods this year for the sale.”

The garage sale involves a large volunteer effort, and Salikin has nothing but praise for those who helped out

“The staff , setting the sale up beginning on Tuesday, did a superb job of organizing the tables and floor displays. By Friday evening the sale was ready to go. To all the set up crew — you deserve a huge thanks for your dedication and service, a job well done, thank you.

“Saturday’s staff did an excellent job in “getting the money”,  serving customers, helping out on the sales floor and keeping things going smoothly all day long. You all deserve a big thank you. Many were also part of the setup crew.

“Thank you to all who helped out at the curling rink during the month of August, receiving donated goods at  the door which were delivered by the donors [about 80 per cent was delivered to us].

“Thanks to the all that were involved with pick of goods, mostly furniture, your contribution of truck and labour is much appreciated.

“The tear down, take down and dispersal of unsold goods as well as the clean up of the rink after the sale was over is always a huge undertaking. This year large quantities of unsold items were donated to the Salvation Army, who picked up the goods at our back door, this saved us a large amount of time. A very big thank you to all who cleaned up the rink in record time — by 4:30 p.m. the building was back to normal without a trace of evidence that a huge garage sale just took place.

“The food booth outside the Rink, operated by Al, Louise and Evan had record amounts of customers and sales. Thank you for a superb job.”

This year, fall raffle tickets were sold not only at the garage sale but at the Pucksters golf tournament as well and Salikin thanks Tim and Debra who were at the Pucksters Golf and Cath at the garage sale.

“Thanks to all the generous donors, both individuals and businesses, a sale like this would not have with out you great support.

“A great big thank you is in order to all the hundreds of customers who began streaming in at the opening and continued until closing, your support is very much appreciated.”

The annual garage sale is the second largest summer fundraiser for the Food Bank after the July 1 Duck Race. It provides much needed funds for the Food Bank as the prepare to assist Kimberley’s needy into the fall.

Emergency hampers and regular hamper numbers are as high as ever.

“People are still going hungry in this town, just like ever other town,” Salikin said.