Sandra Roberts announces run for Kimberley Council

Former credit union manager brings solid financial skills to Council table

Sandra Roberts has announced she will run for Kimberley City Council.

Sandra Roberts has announced she will run for Kimberley City Council.

The nomination period for Mayor and Council is now open and the first new candidate for Council has declared.

Sandra Roberts, born and raised in Kimberley, will make a run for City Council.

Roberts has a financial background as a former manger of Kootenay Savings Credit Union in Kimberley, and she feels those skills will stand her in good stead as a Councillor.

In addition to her work at the credit union, Roberts was the regional representative on the BC Chamber of Commerce for six years, a governor of the College of the Rockies for six years and a District Governor for Rotary, representing the local district at the international level.

She feels all this experience equips her to be an asset to a leadership team such as a city council.

“Even at the credit union I was accountable to a Board of Directors,” she said. “I learned the value of a good governance model. Who is accountable? That is important to me.”

Roberts feels that more effective strategic planning is required.

“It has become very clear over the last few years that the City of Kimberley can no longer continue to depend on Seasonal Tourism to provide the necessary injection of income to our city. While Kimberley has been slowly developing its ‘community’ amenities, I would like to see a more concentrated effort on economic development.  Our tax base needs to expand if we are to meet the demands of failing infrastructure.

“I value the governance process that uses a strong Strategic Plan that identifies the goals and the identified actions that the City will take. I would work to help achieve annual reviews and updates to the existing Strategic Plan.  Establishing current and reviewing long term strategies and goals, and their identified Actions, should go a long way towards streamlining the budgeting process.”

Part of that is a service review, she says.

“Without a service review, it appears the city is making decisions about costs in a vacuum.

“A service review tells you where you are, what you need. How can you plan for the future without knowing what you have. It should be a very important component of strategic planning.”

Roberts promises to work hard for the people of Kimberley if elected.

“I strongly believe in open discussion, transparency of intent and a prudent fiscal policy.  I take the principle of a democratic government very seriously, and if elected, I pledge to learn as much as possible about municipal governing to make my time on Council fruitful for all of us.”