Smooth sailing on Gerry Sorensen Way

Bottom half should reopen soon; top near end of October

Delays will continue on the top half of Gerry Sorensen Way through October.

Delays will continue on the top half of Gerry Sorensen Way through October.

Kimberley residents and visitors will soon be gliding up the newly paved Gerry Sorensen Way ­— now pothole free —  as the project continues on time and on budget.

The bottom half up to the junction with Norton Avenue is almost done, with just gutters being installed this week, said Mayor Don McCormick.

“BA (Blacktop) is doing an amazing job — this project is what they do and they are doing it well. It is on time and on budget, and there is a healthy contingency built in.

“Staff is comfortable there will be no surprises. The bottom half should be open soon.”

Work continues on the top half, and those travelling up the hill should continue to expect delays.

“It’s going to be fantastic for the community to see Gerry Sorensen Way done,” McCormick said. “Just the visibility of it will give a positive impression.”

This is only the first of several major paving projects in Kimberley, he says.

“There are plans for other arterial roads,” he said. “We are looking at redoing 4th Avenue, Norton Avenue.”

While the Gerry Sorensen project’s entire $4.5 million cost was covered by grants, it’s not likely the city will get that lucky twice.

“We are going to have to pay,” McCormick said. “The chances of getting 100 per cent again, you can’t really count on that. So basically we have to have one third of costs.”

Saving up those kind of reserves is the goal of Council, McCormick said, although with interest rates so low, long term borrowing can be an option.

“The City is in a good position on long term debt. These are decisions that Council will make as we move into the budgeting process.”