Stay put, says Kimberley RCMP

Stay put, says Kimberley RCMP

Whenever a person is lost or disorientated it is best to stay put, says the Kimberley RCMP.

Sgt. Chris Newel says that this advice came to light a few times on the weekend.

“On Sunday Nov 18, a subject called police at 1:20 am, seeking help as he was disorientated in a rural area. The subject had been visiting a friend, he departed but couldn’t find his way back.

“Police attended the area and made phone contact but had great difficulty in determining exactly where the subject was. They told him to stay put, but each time they got close the subject eluded them by moving. A police dog was summoned and at 4:15 am, several hours after the subject called for assistance he was located. The male was very uncooperative with police and was eventually arrested for being drunk. He was safely lodged in cells until he was sober and able to look after himself. Had the subject stayed in one spot as police suggested he would have located very early on.”

Newel also advises that it’s best to stay put if you drink.

“Three impaired drivers were removed from the road over the weekend. On Friday night, two drivers less than an hour apart were checked while going through a road check on Gerry Sorensen Way. Both showed signs of impairment and were read the breath demand. Both drivers provided two breath samples, resulting in a Fail. The drivers were served with a 90-day driving prohibition and their vehicles impounded for thirty days.

“Late Saturday afternoon an officer noted a vehicle being driven in an erratic manner on Wallinger Ave. A traffic stop was conducted and the driver showed signs of alcohol consumption. A breath demand was read and the driver provided two breath samples, both a Warn. He was served a three-day driving prohibition and his vehicle impounded.

Again had these drivers stayed put, they would not be facing expensive sanctions under the Motor Vehicle Act.”