Still waiting on the SunMine

Solar farm should connect to grid in April, Mayor McCormick says

SunMine will have over 4

SunMine will have over 4

Mayor Don McCormick says the City of Kimberley is “at the mercy of the process” when it comes to finally getting the Sun Mine online and hooked up to the BC Hydro grid.

“There’s only one piece of infrastructure, a transformer to the substation,” he said. “Everything else is complete.

“Once the transformer is here, BC Hydro can test it and flip the switch. But it probably won’t be until late April.”

There is not a lot of cost associated with the delay, the Mayor says because most work is still under the project management contract with ConEnergy.

SunMine will have over 4,000 solar-cell modules, mounted on 96 solar trackers which follow the sun’s movement, maximizing solar exposure. It will be western Canada’s largest scale solar project, and the first solar project in B.C. to sell power to the BC Hydro grid.

The project is being supported by Teck, whose involvement, first announced in 2011, includes providing land and site infrastructure as well as a $2 million contribution towards the project.