The Kimberley Cranbrook commute

Police will be watching for traffic infractions on busy Highway 95A

It’s not near the volume of traffic you’d see on a commute from Langley to Vancouver, but  Highway 95 A between Kimberley and Cranbrook does have its share of commuters. Recent traffic counts suggest that approximately 3,000 vehicles travel between the two cities every morning.

With that volume of traffic, Kimberley City Council had asked the local RCMP to pay some attention to that route.

Traffic on that route is not under the jurisdiction of Kimberley RCMP but of East Kootenay Traffic Services.

Cpl. Chris Newel says that he spoke to traffic services about targeting that section of highway and they have done so.

“They did catch one vehicle going 140 plus in the early morning,” he said. “That car is now spending seven days in a care facility.”

Newel says that Traffic Services will be keeping an eye on the road and try to curtail speeding.

He added that with the amount of vehicles, there are surprisingly few accidents on the highway.