The ski season wraps

Can't do much with Mother Nature, but skiers made the most of it

Despite less than stellar support from Mother Nature

Despite less than stellar support from Mother Nature

Warm weather caused by an El Niño system is what weather forecasters say created a difficult ski season in Western Canada. Much of the precipitation that did fall was rain rather than snow and a handful of resorts in BC and Alberta even closed early.

Kimberley Alpine Resort, with the assistance of a couple of very timely snowfalls, made the whole season and will close this weekend as scheduled, after the annual Spring Splash celebration. (more on the Splash this week in the Bulletin)

Matt Mosteller, VP of Resorts of the Canadian Rockies, KAR’s parent company, says there’s not much a ski resort company can do with conditions like these, except roll with it.

“Mother Nature rules,” he said.

“This season? Well chalk this up to incredible guests and a skiing and riding community who made the most of mountain time and really shared a wonderful spirit and mighty dose of cheer!”

KAR’s team deserves kudos as well, Mosteller says.

“The mountain operations team did an amazing job! What about the groomers? Well done!

“And again big thanks to our guests and our passholders who came out and made the best of it!”