Thefts from vehicles in Marysville

Thieves hitting vehicles left at trail parking spots; don't leave valuables

Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle. It is a constant refrain from police. Even when you are doing something like taking a walk on a trail, you are leaving your vehicle vulnerable to theft.

Kimberley RCMP are reporting that a number of thefts from vehicles are occurring in and around Marysville hiking areas, including Rails to Trails. Unattended vehicles left at trail parking areas have had windows smashed and purses or other valuables stolen while owners were on the trails.

“Kimberley RCMP are advising trail users to ensure they do not leave valuables inside their vehicles.,” said Kimberley RCMP Cpl. Chris Newel.

If anyone has any information on the individual(s) responsible please contact Kimberley RCMP (250 427-4811)