Throne speech a disappointment for rural British Columbians, MLA Clovechok says

Throne speech a disappointment for rural British Columbians, MLA Clovechok says

Columbia River Revelstoke MLA Doug Clovechok isn’t mincing words over his feelings about the Throne Speech delivered this week by the NDP government.

“Unimpressed would be generous,” Clovechok said, in an interview from Victoria on Thursday. “As MLA for Columbia River Revelstoke, I am profoundly disappointed.”

Clovechok say that as a rural MLA, he looks at everything from that perspective first, and this speech had nothing for rural ridings.

“In a rural context, there is absolutely nothing in it. Nothing about fire interface. Nothing about wildlife management. Nothing about the lack of transportation or rural health services. Nothing about search and rescue funding. And nothing about tourism, which is our bread and butter. It’s an insult to rural British Columbians.”

Clovechok says that under the BC Liberals, BC had the strongest economy in Canada and now it’s changing dramatically.

He notes it took until 20 minutes into the speech before jobs were mentioned.

“The Throne Speech is the holy grail of government direction and there was nothing in it. It indicates no long term vision. We should be very, very worried.

“Where did the $2 billion surplus this government inherited from us go?”

“The Throne Speech was a non-event and I’m really worried about what’s coming in the budget next week.”

Clovechok also says that with this being minority government, he senses a growing rift between the NDP and Green Party.

“Andrew Weaver (Green Leader) absolutely hammered Lana Popham (NDP Agriculture Minister) in the House yesterday.