Transit funding freeze concerns Kimberley Council

Province freezing transit budgets; no increase for inflation in years two and three of agreement

Kimberley City Council authorized the signing of the 2015/2016  Operating Agreement for the Kimberley Transit System this week, but Coun. Kent Goodwin expressed concern about funding levels as the agreement goes forward.

In a letter from BC Transit it was pointed out that while there was sufficient funding for base service levels in year one of Kimberley’s three year service hours and budget plan, for years two and three budgets will remain at the same level.

This is a cause for concern, Goodwin said.

“The government is freezing transit funds,” he said. “We have enough to cover inflation for the first year but not the next year. I am hearing other communities are getting hit with transit cuts as well.”

“We have a vastly under-funded transit serving in Kimberley,” said Coun. Nigel Kitto. “It’s very disappointing that the province is freezing funding.”

Kimberley Transit currently makes trips to Cranbrook, Tuesday to Friday, three trips per day as well as operating an accessible on-request transit service providing door-to-door service for everyone in the community.