Vandals fined at flume swim spot

Beer, spray paint and swimming at the Flume don’t mix, police say

The newly rehabbed section of Mark Creek off Beale Avenue has become a very popular spot, especially for cooling off on hot days.

This past Wednesday afternoon, police were called to the creek to deal with some petty vandalism and open alcohol.

RCMP Cpl. Chris Newel says that police were alerted to three people drinking alcohol and spray painting rocks in the flume.

“Police attended the area and quickly found the three suspects,” Newel said. “There was one freshly painted rock in the water and a design painted on another above the surface. They had open beer and police noted a bag of several more beer cans cooling in the creek. They quickly denied ownership of the beer in the creek, police advised they would seize it as found property. Police negotiated justice on scene. The paint was cleaned off the rock, all the beer, including the “found property” was dumped and they were charged with Consume Alcohol in a Public Place which carries a $230 fine. Hopefully lesson learned.”

Newel says that the people who called in the complaint were not impressed with the behaviour.

“One person went so far as to record the evidence on their cell phone, great evidence if they dispute the charges.”