Vandals hit Kimberley daycare

Obscenities painted all over play equipment a local daycare

There are some crimes that are so senseless you can only ask “why?”

That’s what police and the owners of Second Steps Day Care are asking after an act of vandalism this weekend.

Cpl. Chris Newel of the Kimberley RCMP says that police were called to the Day Care after unknown persons wrote a number of obscenities on the children’s play equipment.

“Sometime over the long weekend the suspect(s) used day care play paint to write obscene words and diagrams on the play house, desks, tables, posts, basketball board, windows and other items,” Newel said. “Police and day care workers are at a loss as to why subjects would do such a thing. What have they achieved other than to demonstrate their own lack of respect?”

The paint had been left outside for the kids to use. Newel says Second Step staff are trying to wash it off though some pieces of equipment may need repainting.

Police are anxious to speak to anyone who may have knowledge of this incident. Please contact the Kimberley RCMP at 250-427-4811.