Visitors asked to stay away from The Pines in Kimberley

Special Care Home on active outbreak list due to respiratory infections

The Kimberley Special Care Home (the Pines) is one of five facilities in the province currently listed on the Active Outbreak Facilities List.

Interior Health spokesman Karl Hardt said that a small number of Kimberley Special Care Home residents have shown signs of a respiratory infection.

Three of 55 residents were identified as of March 13. The Pines was put on the list on March 14. Hardt says that outbreaks of this type are quite common at this time of year and the facility is placed on the list only as a precaution.

“Following the provincial guidelines, to minimize possible spread, we have implemented outbreak precautions,” Hardt said.

“This includes,  keeping residents with symptoms away from other residents; doing additional cleaning and asking visitors to avoid visiting during the outbreak — signs are posted at the facility to let people know. Family and friends can call the home for an update.”