Watch: News recap, Kimberley

Watch: News recap, Kimberley

A quick recap of the top news stories this week.

Emergency Preparedness Week

This week is Emergency Preparedness week across the country. The Kimberley Fire Department focuses on three main goals for emergency preparedness. The first goal is to know the risk to your community, the second is to be prepared and make a plan, and the third is to assemble an emergency kit.

The Kimberley Fire Department’s suggested main focus at this time is to be prepared for wildfires, especially after last summer’s unprecedented wildfire season.

To find out more about risks, how to be prepared, and how to assemble an emergency kit visit or

City of Kimberley issues Water Quality Advisory

The City of Kimberley recently issued a Water Quality Advisory for all users in accordance with Interior Health Regulations. The current water turbidity levels are 3.728 BTU, or fair, which means that young children, elderly, and those with weakened immune systems should be drinking boiled water or a safe alternative. A boil water advisory is triggered when BTU levels reach five or higher.

For more information visit the City’s website and click on the Water Quality Today tab.

Speed watch volunteers hit the streets in Kimberley

Kimberley Speed Watch volunteers have hit the streets for another season in the name of safety. Every year the volunteers monitor speed at various locations throughout Kimberley with the goal of educating and raising awareness about speeding. Their work helps the Kimberley RCMP to determine which areas of the city need traffic enforcement.

Real estate inventory remains low in Kimberley

Last winter the Bulletin reported on the less than robust real estate inventory in Kimberley. Local realtors hoped that with spring there would be an influx of more houses on the market, however that does not appear to be happening.

In the winter there were 36 single family homes on the market, and this week there are 38. Realtor Marilyn Jolie says in most cases, houses are selling as fast as they come up.

Similarly there are only 49 condos offerings on the market, 21 of which are quarter share.

Josh Dueck inducted into BC Sports Hall of Fame

Kimberley native and former gold-medal Paralympian Josh Dueck will be inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame on May 31.

Dueck says this achievement is similar to a Master’s Degree in sport, and hopes to give back through helping those with life altering injuries and those going through transition in sport.

Some of Dueck’s highlights include becoming the first person to do a back flip on a sit-ski, placing first in the 2009 World Championships, competing at both the Vancouver and Sochi Paralympic games where he received two silver and one gold, and his first breakthrough in Kimberley at the 2007 Nationals.