Water rising in Kimberley’s Morrison Sub

Water has risen three centimetres since morning, sandbags stockpiled

A familiar sight in Kimberley's Morrison Sub.

A familiar sight in Kimberley's Morrison Sub.

Residents of Morrison Sub are watching the water rise again. The City of Kimberley’s Chief Administrative Officer Scott Sommerville says water has risen about three centimetres this morning in the flood-prone subdivision, which was last subject to heavy flooding one year ago.

“The water did come up over night,” Sommerville said. “We have brought in sandbags and they are stockpiled in the subdivision if anyone needs them. Right now the culverts are slightly overwhelmed.”

He says that right now Kimberley is at the mercy of Mother Nature and it’s hard to say what will happen if the rain continues.

“Mark Creek levels are down this morning. It may not surge again. It depends on how much rain is falling over the Mark Creek watershed,” he said.

Sommerville says that warm rain is melting the snow at higher elevations, creating a double whammy, but that City workers are continuing to monitor every potential trouble area.

“I remain very impressed with all the staff here. They are very calm, and because of a lot of proactive work done last summer, we should be in pretty good shape.”