Water, sewer fees in Kimberley will rise two per cent next year

Kimberley City Council gave first three readings to several bylaws relating to the upcoming financial plan that will be adopted in the new year. In addition to setting this year’s flat tax on improved property to $306 from $396, two bylaws also set sewer and water rates f0r the coming year.

Sewer rates will be rising two per cent, from $102.46 per quarter to $104.52 effective January 1, 2022.

This will result in additional sewer fund revenue of $39,000 per year.

Mayor Don McCormick said that sewer rate increases in recent years have been in effect to get rates to what the new Water Treatment Plant will cost to operate, and there won’t be too many more changes once that plant comes online.

The new treatment plant will cost about $360,000 more per year to operate.

Water fees will also be going up two per cent.

In addition, bulk water fees, for users such as Kimberley Alpine Resort and golf courses will rise 10 per cent.

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