Wayne Stetski hosting NDP campaign event in Kimberley

Meet your federal NDP candidate for Kootenay Columbia

  • Jun. 24, 2015 11:00 a.m.

Cranbrook – NDP candidate Wayne Stetski will be hosting a campaign kick off event in Kimberley on Wednesday, June 24 starting at 7 PM at Centre 64.


“I, along with members of my campaign team, will be hosting an event in Kimberley on Wednesday,” said Stetski, “and everyone is welcome to join us. This will be an opportunity for volunteers to join the campaign, and learn more about what we need to do to be successful in October.”


Wayne Stetski is the former mayor of Cranbrook and retired Kootenay Regional Manager for the BC Ministry of Environment.  Responsible for Fish and Wildlife, BC Parks and Ecosystems, Stetski has a long record of public service.


“I believe that the people of this area need a strong voice in Ottawa, someone who isn’t afraid to stand up for what the people of Kimberley believe in,” continued Stetski.  “For the last four years, the current MP has been content to do exactly as Stephen Harper has told him to do.  That’s not good enough for Kootenay Columbia.


“For the last three months I have been travelling throughout this area, knocking on doors, attending events and meeting with community leaders, and the one message I hear over and over is that people want to know that the person they elect will speak for them. That’s exactly what I intend to do when I’m elected on October 19th.”


The campaign to elect Wayne Stetski is now underway, and there is plenty of opportunity for community members to get involved.  For more information about Stetski and the campaign, go to waynestetski.ndp.ca or email wayne.stetski@ndp.ca.