We care about Kimberley, RCR says

Resorts of Canadian Rockies continue to invest in community, Mosteller says

In response to an article printed in the Bulletin last week about what’s new at the Kimberley Alpine Resort this winter, reader Tim Williamson had this to say.

“Are you kidding me, new light bulbs and chairs are worthy of newsprint?!

“Panorama are investing $10M in a new lift and amenities and we have energy efficient light bulbs and chairs in the Stemwinder, and all we want is the North Star Bar back.

“I guess RCR will be spending at Fernie yet again, but you still want almost $2,000 from two Kimberley tax payers for two passes and a ski locker.”

Matt Mosteller, from parent company Resorts of the Canadian Rockies sent this in response.

“Thank you very much for your input. Every resort or destination attraction is in different phasing.

“We are fortunate that we have already gone through numerous major capital investment periods with construction of village, new Lift, major overhauls & renewal of some of the existing infrastructure, major terrain and or run additions and additions of new grooming fleet to name a few of the major investments over the years

“Your direct reference to the new lift at Panorama — that is a real estate and beginner area lift and we are fortunate to have already invested and developed our beginner/learning area.

“Of note is that we continue to invest in on going real estate projects even when other operators halted or stopped projects to the detriment of the local contractor and community

“We have sold lots and continue to provide development opportunities to increase the tax base, create jobs and continued efforts to spur growth

“We are in the phase of growth and focused on driving increased numbers /visits to our community and we are spending significant dollars to do this

“In addition we are trying new programs and initiatives to enhance experiences and drive interest like the Halloween mountain top experience to our successful & coveted wedding program

“We care about Kimberley and you might want to check how much money other resorts contribute to their community to support non profit and volunteer organizations as we have contributed to over 140 funded initiatives from pool to playgrounds and everything in between

“We believe that for continued success it is vital that everyone in the community works together and plays their role to be the very best cheer-leader they can possibly be to promote Kimberley, to support Kimberley and to be a community focused partner.

“We are here because we care and because Kimberley matters to us!”

Mosteller also added that RCR was proud of helping to create the Slopes for Hope event at KAR with the Canadian Cancer Society.

“We are very proud that it is now being used as a positive fundraising event across BC and in other parts of Canada.”