Wildsafe weekly

A weekly roundup of wildlife sightings in the city of Kimberley

  • Sep. 9, 2014 5:00 a.m.
Wildsafe BC brings you weekly updates on wildlife activity in Kimberley.

Wildsafe BC brings you weekly updates on wildlife activity in Kimberley.

There were two notable bear sightings in Kimberley this week.  A black bear was seen accessing unsecured residential garbage in the Townsite neighbourhood.  Another black bear was seen sniffing out a porch in the residences on Howard Street.  A fruit tree was damaged overnight in Marysville, as well, and is suspected to be the work of a bear.

Remember: your uncovered porch, deck or balcony is not sufficiently secure to discourage a bear.  Keep your porch clean of food or food waste; burn off barbeques and store garbage and recycling in a more secure location (such as a garage, shed or mud room).  Bears are curious animals and may be intrigued by items left out on your porch, even if we do not consider them foods.  Tidy toys, tools and anything else in your outdoor spaces before calling it a day.

Early season apples, like pale green Transparents, are ready for the picking!  If you have trouble picking or utilizing your fruit, be sure to check out the resources available through Wildsight’s Apple Capture Project.  Consider the removal of hard to pick or overgrown trees.  Unpicked fruit is a wildlife attractant and can lead to serious fines if not dealt with.  If you live in a rental property with a fruit tree, contact your landlord and bring it to their attention.

If you see any wildlife activity of concern, please call the 24-Hour reporting line for the Conservation Officer Service: 1 (877) 952.7277.  Visit www.wildsafebc.com for more advice on managing wildlife attractants in your home and neighbourhood.