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Winter is upon us, drive to the conditions, says Kimberley RCMP

Three crashes within an hour near Skookumchuck Monday

We have enjoyed a very nice fall but winter hit Monday afternoon on highway 93/95 near Skookumchuck creating hazardous road conditions. Kimberley RCMP responded to three collisions in a short period of time due to a weather system that struck the area creating very slippery conditions. Freezing rain and snow confined to a short section of highway caused the poor conditions. The first vehicle went off the road and rolled, a second vehicle went into the ditch managed to get out but was struck by a third vehicle. There were no serious injuries but the potential was there.

Police would like to remind drivers that winter is upon us and driving conditions can change in an instant depending on weather patterns. Also police recommend proper winter tires. All season M+S tires with adequate tread are acceptable but they are not designed for cold or severe conditions like we experience in the Kootenays. “For the safety of you and your family please ensure you have the right tires, it could make the difference whether you are involved in a crash or not,” Cpl. Chris Newel, Kimberley RCMP.