Winter road conditions and what to expect

Winter road conditions and what to expect

Winter road conditions are here for the East Kootenay with snow in the forecast for the next few days.

Environment Canada is forecasting cold temperatures and potentially 15 to 20 centimetres of snow by the end of the week for the entire region.

Every winter, the City of Kimberley Operations Department has the responsibility of maintaining approximately 100 kilometres of paved and gravel streets. Sanding and plowing priority is given to certain areas based on volumes of traffic and steepness of terrain.

According to an information bulletin on the City of Kimberley website, those priority areas are generally categorized into three groups: main streets and emergency access routes with hills, other main streets and local streets.

“The main streets and hills are completed first. This ensures that traffic can access such facilities as the schools, special care facilities, the central business area and the ski hill area,” says the bulletin. “Next completed are collector streets, which might not have steep terrain but do have heavy volumes of traffic. These streets include Rotary Drive, Knighton Road and Jim Ogilvie Way. Residential streets are then attended to. During weekends and statutory holidays, the City generally services only first priority streets.”

The City also asks residents to assist snow removal and sanding operations in the following ways:

– Remove unused vehicles, boats, trailers, etc. from the streets and insure they are not blocking clear passage lanes.

– Remove snow and ice from sidewalks of fronting properties.

– Park vehicles off City streets and avenues while snow removal is in progress or when snow removal signage is not in place.

– The City will not clear windows from private driveways.

– Stay well back from sand trucks and plows.

– Children should be advised not to play on snow banks adjacent to roads and to remain well away from snow removal equipment.

– Do not place steel posts or rocks on boulevards as markers, as these cause damage to City vehicles and injury to City personnel. Anyone responsible for such installations will be held liable for injury or damage they cause.

– Be patient and keep safe distance behind working snow plows and sanding equipment.

– Drive cautiously and defensively. Remember that snow plows are large, heavy vehicles with limited visibility.

When shovelling your driveway, always pile the snow on the left side (when facing the property). This will give you a better view of approaching traffic. When the City plows go by, it will also reduce the chance of the plow dragging the shovelled snow piles back onto your driveway entrance.

The City also reminds residents that placing snow on the travelled portion of a roadway is not permitted under the City’s Traffic Control Bylaw. The regulation helps to ensure that potentially dangerous situations for motorists are avoided.

If you have a complaint or request with regards to snow removal (plowing and sanding), call 250.427.9660 during normal business hours (8:30a.m. to 5p.m., Monday to Friday). Any time outside of those hours, or on weekends and statutory holidays, emergency calls only should go to 250.427.4114.

More information, maps of snow removal areas and the City’s snow and ice management plan can all be seen at under seasonal operations.