Young artists pick up $1200 in prizes

Talented and artistic, Kimberley youth exhibit at Centre 64

  • May. 12, 2014 5:00 a.m.
Connor Klassen with his winning entry Three Glasses.

Connor Klassen with his winning entry Three Glasses.

15 young Kimberley artists between the ages of 12 and 25 have won $1275 in prizes at the Young Artists 12 to 25  exhibition currently on display in the Gallery at Centre 64. The prize-winners were selected from over 70 entries by Kimberley artists Tony Austin, Helen Robertson, and Elaine Rudser. They are:

12 – 18 years – 2D painting/drawing/print-making etc.

1st prize: Connor Klassen ‘Three Glasses’ acrylic/silkscreen (Kimberley)

2nd prize: Antonia Sullivan ‘Angus Pitts’ acylic on canvas (Kimberley)

3rd prize: Emily Gate ‘Untitled’ pencil on paper (Kimberley)

HM: Tyra Joe ‘Cervidae’ acrylic on canvas (Kimberley)

HM: Montana Barrett ‘The Barrett’s Farm’ oil on canvas (Kimberley)

HM: Serenity ‘ Twisted Vibes’ acrylic on canvas (Kimberley)

12 – 18 years – 3D sculpture/ceramics/mixed media etc.

1st prize: Angie Jenkins ‘Under the Sea’ wood & paper (Kimberley)

2nd prize: Angie Jenkins ‘Tree of Life’ wood & wire (Kimberley)

12 – 18 years – 2D digital design/photography etc.

1st prize: Samantha Crawford ‘Starlight’ digital painting (Kimberley)

2nd prize: Mikhela Greiner ‘Lonely 1’ mixed media/photography/photo shop (Kimberley)

3rd prize: Antonia Sullivan ‘Cara’ digital painting (Kimberley)

HM: Joy Johnson ‘Fire Skies’ photography (Kimberley)

19 –25 years – 2D painting etc.

1st prize: Nicola Herman ‘Lucid’ acrylic on canvas (Kimberley)

2nd prize: Tristan Neve ‘Growth’ acrylic on canvas (Kimberley)

19 – 25 years – digital etc.

1st prize: Shane Orvis ‘Star Caller’ mixed digital (Kimberley)

The exhibition continues at Centre 64 until Saturday, May 24, and may be viewed between 1 and 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays. Admission is free but a gesture of appreciation in the gallery donation box is always appreciated.