City of Kimberley

January 12, 2023

Notice Of Public Hearing

The City of Kimberley is considering an amendment to Zoning Bylaw No. 1850, 1994 affecting the property at 1400 Ross Rd. The amendments are proposed to accommodate a future subdivision and development of a new neighbourhood.

The proposed Bylaw No. 2721, Amendment No. 157, 2022 to Zoning Bylaw 1850 will rezone the property from a mixture of Rural Resource (RR-60) and Residential (R-2) to entirely Residential (R-2).

The proposed Bylaw 2721 will apply to the property located at 1400 Ross Rd and legally described as District Lot 11599 Kootenay District Except Those Parts Included In Plans 1589 and 1603 (PID: 016-914-937) as shown outlined on the map below.

Map of schedule bylaw no. 2721

More information on proposed Bylaw 2721 may be inspected at until the date of the hearing.

An Electronic Public Hearing for the proposed Bylaw 2721 will be held on Monday, January 23rd, 2023 at 7:00 pm and will be available for viewing on the City of Kimberley’s YouTube channel. You may provide input to the proposed bylaw in one of the following ways:

  • Submit your comments in writing to City Hall (drop-off in mail slot, e-mail or fax 250-427-5252) by 2pm on the day of the hearing, or
  • Share your comments via telephone during the hearing by calling 1-800-741-7180. Please call by 6:50pm to register into meeting number (access code) 2773 486 5341, then enter the “#” symbol when asked for attendee number. You will be able to hear the meeting but you will be on hold and muted until it is your turn to speak.

All submissions will form part of the public record. Council is not able to receive further information or submissions after the conclusion of the public hearing.

Questions? Please contact Justin Cook, Planner, at 250-427-9665 or